Beyond Seaside and its sequel, Road to Havla, are high adventure fantasy that will hold the reader in rapt attention, but this series is far from being mindless entertainment. Readers, young and old, will be inspired by the impelling theme that destiny is worth fighting for. The call upon a person’s life overrides comfort and pleasure, and loyalty trumps fear. If you want to include solid fiction in your library or book store, this impelling tale inspires without preaching and deals with real character issues of life without moral platitudes.

Thana Rolph, Retired English Instructor - Ministry Leader

A solid fantasy of venturing into the unknown!

The scariest thing of all is the thing that you don't know about. "Beyond Seaside" is a story of the unknown. Will finds himself in Seaside, with little idea of whom he is. With little other choice, he tries to begin life anew, but it seems whatever past he has doesn't want to allow him to do that. He and the few people he has to call friends see the best solution is the leave Seaside, and find that it's a terrifying endeavor in itself. "Beyond Seaside" is a solid fantasy of venturing into the unknown, recommended.

Midwest Book Review

I really enjoyed both books and can't wait for more. Please tell Cindy I want more!!! Those are the best books I've read in a long time and they aren't just for teenagers.

Charlene Olbrich - Retired High School Administrator

Engaging and filled with adventure! Beyond Seaside appeals to many ages. I enjoyed the characters and their relationships immensely. My two teenage boys fought over the book at night to see who could finish it! My 15 year-old says it is one of the best reads he's ever experienced. The homey house in the woods is haunting, a vision that I can't forget. The friendships are rich and realistic. Great read!

Debra Gore - Rhetoric Instructor

Hi Cindy!
I just wanted to let you know that I lent Beyond Seaside to a co-worker. He was off work one day this week and read it all in one day. He said he couldn’t put it down. He was back to work the next day begging for the next one. I got several others I plan to lend them to. Are you working on another one yet?

Carla Aldridge

I completely enjoyed the books! What a refreshing introduction back into the world of fiction. Lately, I've just read (or skimmed rather) self-help books! Both books were quite enticing and made me eager to turn the page.

Elan Patterson

Fun, creative, adventurous!
While reading this book, my 10 year-old nephew said it was like a "video playing before my eyes." In other words, it is very descriptive and easily captures the imagination. The plot is very compelling, with a young man coming out of the blackness of the forest and knowing very little about who he is or where he came from. And the characters are well-developed; I especially loved the strength of the main female character. She is a champion archer who disguises herself so she can compete against the boys at the festival.

Cheri Mayott

I found this book to be very captivating. This is a well told story that intrigued my attention from beginning to end. It contains beautiful imagery with fast paced adventure. The overall flow and imagery is beautiful. Fantastic characters that are filled with great depth and reality to the point that I feel that I know them. This book is a fine example of the marriage between great adventure and depth of its characters.

Robert Aldridge

Loved this book!
This book was such a great read! I had a really hard time putting it down; had time allowed, I could have finished it in one sitting. More than anything, I loved the way the author helped me know each character. They were brought to life for me and I came to really care about them!

L. McDonald